2017-New Year, New Me?

Yes folks, it’s here(whether we like it or not), 2017!  I know it’s the 4th, but I wanted to take the time to really think about how I am going to make this year different. I really want to be the best Me  I can possibly be!

Now I know this is a beauty blog, but beauty starts from the inside and works it’s way out, therefore, I wanted to talk a little about my life and some of the goals, (not resolutions, I don’t like the word resolution) that I would like to set for myself!  I actually don’t like the saying “new year, new me.”  Most people stay the same as years go by or they start the new year off on their best foot, and then it fades out after a few weeks. I do not want to be that person by any means. 

My first goal for 2017 is to get my diabetes under control, and also work on becoming healthier. I was only given one body and after 33 1/2 years, I figured I should start taking better care of it!

This is my new Food Log!  I will be using this to log every meal, snack, and drink that goes into my body. By doing so, I will be able to actually see where I need to make changes. Sometimes if you see it written down on paper, it becomes real. Even on day 4 I’m like, if I eat that I’ll have to write it down haha. I feel this is a great tool and it was a great suggestion by my mother. She is also trying to be more health conscience, not to mention, this is something we can do together!  I’m hoping by seeing what I take in, I’ll be able to change my eating habits, and maybe even shed some weight!  

Last year I lost between 30-40 pounds in a very unhealthy way, and in result of that, I’ve gained it all back. I am definitely disappointed in myself, but I can’t sit around and mope about it!  I mean, I can, but what’s that going to do?!  Needless to say, this time around I need to make permanent changes and not deprive my body of the nutrients it’s needing. 

One huge goal I have in life is to become a college graduate. I’ve changed my major 4-5 times, and oddly enough I’ve come back to my original major, Pyschology. I want to be a therapist, but I haven’t decided on the category I want to settle into just yet. In Texas, it’s a better idea to go the Social Work route and then branch off into the Psych world, so that’s what I’ll be doing. I am super lucky to qualify for grants which will pay for all my classes and books. I’ve been in Texas for almost 2 years, so I don’t have to pay out-of-state fees. 

While I was writing this blog post, I received my Transcript Evaluation results. To my surprise, a lot of my classes transferred and I may be able to finish at the community college by the end of 2017, and start at UTA next spring. 

I am super excited to go back to school and to feel like I have purpose again. I was in a very dark place in 2016, with no motivation and my goals took the back burner. I definitely plan on throwing myself into school!

My diabetes and weight are not the only health setbacks I have to deal with, I also have massive kidney stones that need to be surgically removed or “blasted”. I have a YouTube channel that talks about my journey with my kidneys, and let me tell you, it’s a crazy ass story!  (If you are interested, here is the link: My Medical Nightmare ). 

I am on my 4th procedure on my right kidney, and it’s still being worked on. Once the right kidney is clear, my urologist will be able to start on my left kidney. It has been such a roller coaster, but at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hoping that once 2017 is over, my kidneys will be clear, and I’ll be able to be pain free!

Another goal of mine is to keep blogging! I really enjoy writing, it’s one of my passions, and it makes me incredibly happy. I also have a passion for makeup, so it just seemed like an amazing idea to start my beauty blog. Its a lot of fun to me, and I don’t even care about how many views or followers I get out of it. I know that sounds funny, but it’s just fun having this amazing platform and outlet. I’ve also thought about changing my YouTube channel into a beauty channel, but that idea is still in the works!

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today friends!  What are some of your goals/resolutions for 2017?  Is it your year to be a go getter or is it your year to take some time off and relax?  Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you guys!

Happy New Year and I wish you all an amazing 2017!

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