What I Got for Christmas-Part 2

Welcome back everyone for part 2 of my What I Got for Christmas blog!  I’ve been watching YouTube videos and reading blogs about what everyone got for Christmas, and I don’t know what to say, but it all fascinates me!  Let’s get started!

I almost always get perfume for my birthday/Christmas, it’s a necessity and since my birthday is in July, it works out well for me!  This year I wanted to switch up my scent, I normally wear Incredible by Victoria Secret, but this year I asked for Be Delicious by DKNY.  One of my friends in Arizona used to wear this scent and I’ve always loved it. The packaging is super cute, but I have a hard time working the sprayer. It also came with the travel size perfume, and a lotion. It was a steal at Kohl’s!

A definite necessity for the mop on my head is a blow dryer!  Unfortunately my previous one I lent out to someone, it broke, they lied to me about it being broke, and then never replaced it…..rant over. My parents replaced it with this awesome blow dryer!  I used it yesterday and I was like 😳…..where have you been on my life?!?! My hair usually takes FOREVER to blow dry, but with this one it took less than 10 minutes, and that was on low!  Amazing and I recommend it to everyone!

This box contains a 4 tier makeup organizer that was only $22.99 on Amazon at the time. One of my favorite youtuber’s talked about it on her snapchat so I immediately hunted it down!  We’re in the process of moving so I’m keeping it in the box, safely bubble wrapped until we are in the new place!  I’m very excited to set it up!

I know, I’m a weirdo lol. So a lot of people have read George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Which was a good book, and some read 1984. I remember reading Brave New World, which I loved, but never read 1984. I had it in my cart on Amazon, so my mom ordered that when she ordered the organizer. I’m seriously excited to read it!

I am going back to school in mid-January, so a calendar and a planner are kind of a big deal. I need to know what day it is, and am I suppose to be in class!  My mom knows I love Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page, like it’s almost a problem. So she snagged this Marilyn calendar for my room. The planner will be a huge help because I’m taking 4 classes this semester and I’m old school, I like to write shit down. Sometimes you put it in your phone and it disappears. I love that it has a positive quotes in the beginning of each month!

What would Christmas be with new shoes and clothes right?!  These were also a good deal at Kohls.  Just your average black boots with a small heel and just really cute. 

I saw these really cool lounge wear sets. They are so incredibly soft and amazing and of course they didn’t have my size, so I was like, oh well maybe next time. Surprisingly my mom ordered the grey and black for me and didn’t even tell me!!  I love them, they’re so comfy!

So with the exception of the past few days being 80 degrees, it gets pretty cold in Texas. I’ve even seen it snow here, which is kind of cool. So I asked for a couple jackets. One being a flannel that’s like furry inside and the other just a thin stretchy jean jacked that I absolutely fell in love with!  Very comfy, and will keep me warm!

Last, but certainly not least, I got a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt and scarf. If you ever need to know anything about me, it’s this….I am a HUGE HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan!!!  Yes, my team is 13-2, we were the first to clinch the playoffs and we are #1 in our division. I have loved the Cowboys since I was like 10 or 11 living in Buena Park, CA. I mean I was an LA Rams fan back in the day, that was the first pro football game my dad ever took me too. Mostly because Raider games were to dangerous lol. 

That is going to do it for Part 2 of my What I Got for Christmas tag!  What did you get for Christmas?  Anything similar?  What didn’t you get that you really wanted?  

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Thanks again everyone for stopping by, I hope you had a great Christmas and that you’re ready to kiss 2016 goodbye for good!! ✌🏻bye Felicia!!! 


5 thoughts on “What I Got for Christmas-Part 2

      1. You know it! I only asked for one gift so I was certainly surprised when I saw multiple packages around the tree.


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