What I Got for Christmas-Part 1

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all had a great Christmas  (if that’s what you celebrate), and I hope you got to enjoy time with family and loved ones. It was just my mom, dad, sookie (my dog), and I this year, but that was good enough. 

Although I am 33 years old, I am able to admit that I am still spoiled by my parents, when they’re able to do so. This year has been a very, very challenging year for us. My health has been at an all time low which spiked my depression. Seeking help was definitely the best option for me, and I also found a lot of joy in watching makeup tutorials. This also gave me the energy to start doing my own makeup again. Makeup brings me a lot of happiness and it gives me confidence. That being said, this year for Christmas I asked for a lot of makeup, makeup utensils, and makeup organizers. Not to mention a few clothing items and such. 

Without further ado, let’s see What I Got for Christmas!

​ So funny story….I researched and researched on every brands palettes, and I wanted the most bang for the buck. I kept hearing mixed reviews about tarte’s paintbox set and too faced holiday palettes. After looking at the reviews I narrowed it down to tarte’s tarteist pro palette. I was like, this is it, this is definitely what I want!  Then I started looking around at other palettes and I found Violet Voss’s Holy Grail Pro Eyeshadow Palette. I fell in love with the colors “wine n dine”, “cranberry splash”, and “on fleek”. I mean, I fell in love with the whole palette. My mother had already ordered the tarte palette so I made a deal with her, order the Violet Voss palette and we’ll take back the tarte palette.  Well she surprised me and gave me both!  

The Urban Decay Electric palette was on sale, so my mom picked that up for me too. I love the bright and shimmery colors the Electric palette has, and I love that one of the blues is called Gonzo (my dads nickname). Not to mention, it also came with a dual sided eyeshadow brush that is incredibly soft! 

 These pictures do not do these palettes justice, they’re absolutely stunning. Once I saw the tarte palette in person, I really didn’t want to let it go!  I can’t wait to create all the eye looks with these amazing palettes!

I know what you’re thinking….ugh Karen, those are empty haha. Yes they are, but that’s because one is a Z Palette, and the other is tarte’s version of a z palette. These are so useful to depot your single eyeshadows or powder products and create a unique palette to your liking. They are both leopard print, obviously haha. The tarte palette comes with a mirror which costs a little extra, but is definitely worth it. Just waiting for my depotting tool to come in the mail!

This awesome kit came from Ulta. They almost always have these cool kits during the holidays, maybe even throughout the year. Ulta has definitely stepped up their makeup brand game in the past few years, so I’m excited to utilize everything in this kit. It’s basically your full face: eyeshadows, blushes, highlight, bronzer, lip liners, lip products, eyeliner, eyebrow tint, and primer. This is a great gift for a all ages. My mom also got one, but it was a little bit smaller. 

Yes, that’s right, I finally got my hands on some Kylie Cosmetics products!  The first item is the collab that Kylie did with Khloe to create the Koko Collection!  These colors include Okurr, Khlo$, Gorg, and the lip gloss in Damn Gina. Now I’m excited about all these colors, but my top two or Okurr and Gorg!  The next item I got was the Kylie Lip Kit in Merry. This comes with the liquid lipstick and the lip liner. I’m a sucker for reds! Haha. This packaging is amazing on both items, and I love that the lip kit comes as an ornament you can put on your tree!

These next items were really awesome gift ideas!  The Marilyn Monroe makeup bag was to die for and inside of it was makeup removal wipes, a contouring brush, falsies, and eyelash glue!  Some basic essentials for glamming it up!

Every woman needs beauty sponges!  This is the Earth Therpeutics Precisso blending sponges.  Brushes are still a handy tool, but beauty sponges help the product blend into the skin better and it doesn’t leave any brush streaks. 

The next two items are from e.l.f.  I got the Hydrating Bubble Mask, which I have yet to try and I’m dying to use it!  I’ve heard so many good things about it, and I’ve seen it all over YouTube!  Then I received e.l.f’s get glowing highlighter set. It comes with a highlight/contour quad, a liquid highlighter, and a brush. The brush is so soft!  I actually love e.l.f.’s brushes, they’re super soft and affordable!

Now, what makeup fanatic wouldn’t be complete without a Natural Daylight Vanity Mirror!  I am so excited to use this because we all know bathroom lighting in apartments are not the greatest!  I may also be able to use this to step up my selfie game! Haha

Alright my lovelies, this will complete part 1 of my What I Got for Christmas blog!  I know it’s a long one, I still have some more items to tell you about, so I figured a 2 part blog would be best! What did you guys get for Christmas?  I’m always interested in what people got haha!  Have you tried any of these products?  Let me know in the comments below!  Thank you for joining me, can’t wait to share more with you all!


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