Xmas Glam & Makeup Tricks

Hi everyone, welcome back to TheeKarenG beauty blog!  In today’s blog I will be creating a holiday glam look, and showing you a couple tricks of the trade I’ve picked up!

Today I started with my eyes, and the first trick I’m going to show you is….

Yes, that is scotch tape under my eyes hahaha!  If you don’t have the sticky under eye cotton swabs, this is a quick fix. This will help create a sharp wing with your eyeshadow, and mildly helps with any fallout from your eyeshadow. 

I also want you to take notice in my unfiltered skin lol. You can see all my imperfections; my uneven skin tone, acne scars, and sun damage. I think it’s super important to show you this, because it is what my blog is based upon. I am just your average woman that has a passion for makeup!

For this eye look I used NYX’s Jaded, and the greens and black in my Morphe 35S palette. (This picture was taken with the flash.)  I received the Jaded color in this months ipsy glam bag, and I was in love as soon as I saw it! 😍

Here is a picture once my eyeshadow was applied. 

Now at this point you can go in with your eyeliner, a black eyeshadow, or even tarte’s bronze clay paint liner would look great all before you remove the tape. I wanted more of a bold look, so I used my Revlon liquid eyeliner, but after I removed the tape. I did dab a little black onto my outer v, and then blended the crap out of it. 

After I removed the tape…

Do you see how sharp that line is?!  Woo child!  Don’t worry, I do go in and blend out that eyeshadow a little more. 

Naturally while I was doing my eyeliner, this happened….

Yep, I had a twitch in my hand and BAM!  I was like 😫 noooooo!!!!  But then I remembered another trick I learned, which also helps when you get mascara on your eyeshadow. 

I know you were wondering what my brain looked like, so I made sure to give you this great view up my nose. Let your whoopsy dry and then take a clean spooley and lightly rub off the eyeliner or mascara that almost ruined your life. Mascara is a bit easier to remove. If it’s eyeliner, you may need to take your blending brush that has excess product on it, and blend a little. Tadah, it’s like magic!

I also used Jaded for my lower lash line, and brought it all the way into the inner corner of my eyes. Continue with the rest of your routine; foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, highlight and so forth. Now you can choose to do a more toned down lip since you did such a bold eye look, but not me, I went in with a bright, bold red liquid lipstick! (Side note, the liquid lipstick I used was very drying and I will be putting that in a review for another blog.)

I really loved how this eye look turned out!  The greens flowed so beautifully. (Sorry for the blurriness haha.)

Thank you everyone for hanging out with me today!  If you have any questions about this look or would like a list of products used, just leave a comment!

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